Reflecting Guilt

Are we not,

are we not all,

a guilty reflection

of God

of man

of all the work our hands have done.


Are we,

Are we still,

Are we still when we hear the call

of God

of the land

of promises yet to unfold.


A solitary snow flakes from overhead.

The clouds in heaven

roil the ocean’s breath together

as water crystals break

into perfect symmetrical shapes


Are we not and are we still?

Are we washed when we lay in the snow?

Leaving angels behind

as we frantically wave our arms,

in a white bed of ice, cold.

Is the impression there

an image of me,

of what is left when I am clean?


The chorus of heaven sings,

In my mind there is a song,

“Holy, holy, holy”

as each snowflake falls.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting Guilt

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