First Contact

Shame and Nakedness,

Deep in the Amazon 

the lost tribes 

want food and clothing.

The anthropologist concludes

“They are human after all”

Happy when fed

comforted when clothed.

They are naked in the Amazon.

My sense of self-loathing

reaches the breaking point.

I run around naked inside my home.

My sense of dignity

depends upon my clothes

and the buildings that surround me.

They are an identity, my identity.

I loathe them as extensions of my self.

We are all in the Amazon

pretending like we are clothed.

As indifference grows

upon indifference.

Shedding love as something significant.

Buried under currents of electricity

we hide our shame together.

The Marriot has a water fountain

in California’s eternal summer.

It’s running for me, 

and it’s running for the hurried young woman, with her sugar daddy 

slinking into a Lexus at 5 o’clock in the morning.


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